Past Works


Welcome to the Jungle was a collection of monologues, songs and dances, often based on real life stories from the animal kingdom.

Fantastical animal characters such as Mr Splashy Pants the Lonely Whale and Petra the Deluded Swan tell their hilarious and melancholy stories, all of which contain the very human themes of loneliness, loss and the search for love.

Welcome to the Jungle blurred the line between the human world and the animal kingdom and explored how all living creatures have a basic need and an inherent desire for understanding, companionship and love.

Developed over several years at The Last Tuesday Society and presented at The 2009 Melbourne Fringe Festival, Welcome to the Jungle had several sell out shows and was received with critical acclaim.

Read the Arts Hub review here

Read the Sometimes Melbourne review here

5,6,7,8! 2007

Developed at The Victorian College of the Arts, 5,6,7,8! is a solo performance exploring Bron’s dark jazz ballet past growing up in a small country town.


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