Onstage Dating winning awards and going on tour!

Theresa Harrison

After a cracking season at Melbourne Fringe with several sold out shows, I am thrilled to announce that as well as being nominated for Best Performance, Onstage Dating won the Adelaide Fringe Touring Award! That means I’ll be dating more strangers in February/March 2017!

Meanwhile you can read some of the lovely reviews we’ve received for the show so far:

‘Super-intelligent performance’ FOUR STARS The Age

‘If only all awkward first dates were as funny as this’ –Sydney Morning Herald

‘A hilarious shared delight, with moments of poignancy… There’s a reason this show was such a hit at the Festival of Live Art and returns again for Fringe –it’s fraught, fresh, fascinating and off the cuff” Australian Stage

‘Batten has crafted a masterpiece, which thrives on spontaneous responses. Consistently hilarious, and surprisingly vulnerable, Batten’s bravery would win over even the most cynical of audience members’- Buzzcuts

”Bron Batten is having a first date with a member of the audience on stage – and the results are priceless… We are all putty in Batten’s hands’ – Theatre Press

‘Amazing, existential-dilemma-driven theatre’ – Sometimes Melbourne

‘Bron Batten is a national treasure’ – Across the Aisle

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