Post FOLA wrap up!

look at camera

I had such a great time at Arts House performing Onstage Dating as part of the 2016 Festival of Live Art!

Thanks to the staff, tech and production crew for making it such a pleasure- and of course to my amazing dates throughout the season!

Here are some nice things that people said:

Bron Batten had 50 first dates last year. She hasn’t given up and in Onstage Dating she dates an audience member. She chose 31-year-old Cameron, who likes milk chocolate, non-fiction and the song ‘Take My Breath Away’. They had cheese and wine, played Twister and got into bed. He wasn’t Bron’s type, but the space between personal exposure and super-intelligent performance disappeared as the audience became almost personally invested in wanting these strangers to fall in love’ FOUR STARS. The Age

‘Amazing, existential-dilemma-driven theatre’ Sometimes Melbourne

‘Onstage Dating is a compelling show, tapping into our intense curiosity about one another and fascination with how attraction plays out… Batten is naturally funny, whether she’s making gags or not- a hilarious shared delight, with moments of poignancy.’  Australian Stage

Thanks to all who came- hopefully I will live to date again!


Image by Theresa Harrison Photography

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